Corporate Social Responsibility

cogito ergo sum has a vision to follow the Gaia business concept by giving as much, or more, than we take. We do this in two main ways.

First, we live and breathe this commitment in the way we do business.

  1. We work with local businesses in Switzerland, the UK and India to help them improve their skills, and accelerate their product development.
  2. We give local interns an opportunity to gain experience in a niche market.
  3. We provide our staff with Silicon Valley-type benefits in an industry that all too often acts as a sweatshop.
  4. We give presentations to local schools to inspire and motivate.

Second, we support our chosen charity, Children On The Edge, which transforms the lives of vulnerable, neglected or persecuted children across the world.

Our co-founder Alan Lau has been a long-time supporter of Children On The Edge through his expeditions and challenges. We decided to extend this through cogito ergo sum, because like us, Children On The Edge is small and lean. With only six permanent employees (and two dogs!), they manage to work on around 20 projects in various countries at any one time. We’re very proud to support this charity knowing our donations will change children’s lives.

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