Our approach

Much like the British Army sends in the SAS to do its toughest jobs, we believe in building small, specialised teams to get the job done for your business. This allows us to create teams that are not only more cost efficient, but also highly skilled.

We strive for short engagements, but long-term relationships, and aim to operate no more than six sprint teams at any one time. This allows us to stay relatively small, so we can focus on developing a deep understanding of our clients and their needs – and delivering superior service.

We work with clients that understand that offshoring isn’t about cutting down on local resources, but complementing them – so that they can get on with doing what they do best.

How we work

During the time you engage us – typically 6-15 months – we’ll show you how to work efficiently with offshore Agile teams as a single team. Or if you already have a process and team in place, but want to take a different approach, we’ll provide the expertise you need to become as efficient and effective as you can be.

Our methods aren’t taken from the textbook, but borne through experience. And we don’t just supply resources to your business and hope for the best. We work with you as partners to help you achieve your objectives – whether you’re delivering a project for your client, or you’re looking to improve a process or system that’s holding you back from achieving your full potential.